Photon – Launched February 21st 2014 – Cryptocurrency based on blake 256

Photon is a cryptocurrency using the Blake 256 Algorithm

It is a new project designed to function well now and with future technology in mind.

Photon is the second coin to use this unique design (modeled after Blake Coin) and may be mergemined in a pool with Blake Coin or other blake 256 coins in the future.

Currently almost every cryptocurrency that exists cannot be merge mined in the same way Namecoin and others are with Bitcoin.

Coins developers are working against each other instead of together right now. Photon is an attempt to change that.

If you are digging in a mine for gold you would not leave silver, tin or other things of value around you would take them all.

This is why Photon was created with the fast, light blake 256 algorithm.

This is the future.  Scrypt coins cannot easily be merge mined. Most sha 256 D coins cannot be either.

I could not have completed this project without the input of Bluedragon747 the creator of Blake Coin. Many thanks.

Blake-256(optimized) is faster than Scrypt, SHA-256D and Keccak

The algorithm was written as a candidate for SHA-3, Based on round one candidate code from the Sphlib 2.1 library and reduced the round function to 8 rounds.

• simplicity of the algorithm
• interface for hashing with a salt

• fast in both software and hardware
• parallelism and throughput/area trade-off for hardware implementation
• simple speed/confidence trade-off with the tunable number of rounds

• based on an intensively analyzed component (ChaCha)
• resistant to generic second-preimage attacks
• resistant to side-channel attacks
• resistant to length-extension

Why Photon using the blake 256 algorithm beats others in the long run:

The Blake-256 algorithm hash rate is just under 3x faster on the GPU and just over 2x on the FPGA compared with Bitcoin
The reward for mining Photon does Not decrease over time, instead it increases with block height and difficulty
There are no restrictions on any platform as Photon does not include artificial *Security* or *Resistance* that reduce mining hash rate and power efficiency

Each Block award is 32768  + inflation (square root of (difficulty * block height))
No reduction of block reward
Cap in place to reduce difficulty jumps upward.
Block target time is 3 minutes and retargets every 20 blocks
Total of 90,000,000,000 coins (yes 90 Billion —  Photons are plentiful in the universe)
Block maturity 140




Photon Source Code on Github



Ubuntu 12.04 dependencies used for the wallet on Linux build machine
git-core build-essential libssl-dev libboost-all-dev libdb5.1-dev libdb5.1++-dev libgtk2.0-dev libminiupnpc-dev qt4-qmake mingw32 synaptic qt-sdk qt4-dev-tools libqt4-dev libqt4-core libqt4-gui libdb++-dev

More information on sha 3 and Blake

Special thanks to Jimmy at  for making his website the center of the world for alternative cryptocurrencies.

Remember, this is experimental software. It has been tested but like all new technology tests may not reveal everything.

Photon was designed to be innovative and cutting edge today and help lead new trends in cryptocurrency.

Photon was built and tested by @Cinnamon_Carter and is a stand alone project built with special compatability for the future.

Photon is not part of any other similar projects that may be in development by others using the blake 256 design by BlueDragon747.

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